Říjen 2017


8. října 2017 v 20:45

Tento článek bude spíš pro lidi, kteří umí anglicky. Byl to pro mě sloh na angličtinu, během kterýho jsem se až moc zamyslel nad pravou podstatou.

The term friendship itself means mutual affection between people. It's a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. A friend is someone who you can trust. But how far does friendship goes and when does it change to love or an affection? That is what we're going to go through today.

I firmly believe that friendship itself isn't always that kind of friendship we all know. You've got friendships based on platonic love or friendships based on unhealthy affection to someone. Those are not all the types but I'd be here all day naming each kind of friendship that I can think of. We all have friendships that are accumulated around different things. Friends from kindergarten, school, high-school, and most important friends, from your real life. Through our life and mainly through our puberty we find ourselves in difficult situations. For instance finding out we are in love with our friend.

What is more, it seems to me that not a lot of friendships are really based on what they're supposed to be based on. Today's friendships seems to me like really unhealthy affection to other or just saying to someone "Oh, he's my friend only because he's my drinking buddy". The term or the friendship itself became so abused word that it's importance extremely changed.

In summary I stopped believing in those friendships that are based only on few experiences with each other. I despise them as false proclamation of two people who don't even know each other.